Amy Metcalf

Language Instructor

Hi! My name is Amy Metcalf, one of the English instructors at Susan’s Language Emporium.  I am excited to share my love of English and languages with you!

I have been teaching English for 22 years and am currently an assistant professor of English at the University of Nevada, Reno.  The majority of my experience teaching has been at universities or colleges in the U.S., but I have also taught in China and Algeria.  I understand the difficulties of learning another language. My undergraduate degree is in French with a minor in Italian.  I have a master’s degree in TESOL.   I love teaching English because I get a chance to meet interesting people from around the world and hear new ideas and viewpoints.  It is like traveling without leaving your family.  Speaking of family, I live in Reno with my husband, daughter, and most of my extended family.  

My philosophy of teaching is that learning should be fun, should be useful, and should be learned in order to make connections with other people.  My classes are designed to keep you engaged and work with others to practice the skills you are learning.  My classes have clear goals and objectives that help you monitor your learning.  I want you to succeed; If you are successful, then I am successful.    I look forward to your success at Susan’s Language Emporium.

I will be teaching  Basic Sentence Grammar which will help your writing and speaking and Confident Academic Speaking.  I will be holding different lounge sessions, so make sure to check the schedule and join me. 

Laureen Jordan

Language Instructor

Hello! My name is Laureen Jordan, and I’m one of the ESL instructors at Susan’s Language Emporium. 

In my 15 years of teaching English as a Second Language, I have taught at universities in the US, Italy, and Turkey. I also taught English for a cruise line while traveling the world. 

My love of travel is why I became a teacher. My undergraduate degree was in Fine Art with a minor in Journalism. During my senior year of college, I studied abroad in Italy and fell in love with the food, culture, and people. When I returned home, I looked for ways to travel while earning a living. That’s how I started teaching ESL!

I have enjoyed helping students from all over the world reach their goals using English! I’m very curious and love talking with people from different places. I enjoy hearing stories of their experiences and their perspectives on life. I hope to have the opportunity to hear your story as well!

Zeynep Evenson

Language Instructor

Hello! I am joining Susan’s Language Emporium as an ESL instructor and I am very excited about that.  Teaching ESL has been one of my greatest pleasures in life and I have been teaching for 26 years. After I graduated with a B.A in English Literature from my native country of Turkey, I completed my M.A in TESOL at the University of Reading, England. In 2002, I received a Fulbright Scholarship from the United States government which allowed me to teach at a high school in San Francisco, CA for a year. During this year, I met my husband. Due to his job, we moved to Atlanta, GA where I worked with Adult ESL learners who were new to the country at a community college for six years. In 2014, we moved back to the West Coast, to Reno, where my husband is originally from. I taught at the Intensive Language Center at UNR and TMCC for six years before I started teaching at Washoe County School District in 2019. I teach English at an International Baccalaureate school in Reno and love my high school kids. I love Reno and all it has to offer. I love spending time with my family and friends when I am not teaching.

Mike Cutler

Business Instructor

Being an entrepreneur can be an exciting, yet risk-taking adventure, to make your idea a profitable business, as well as a benefit to society. Entrepreneurship is a fast-growing trend throughout today’s world.

Mike Cutler has lead the startup and development of several businesses and organizations, including the Midtown Artwalk, Reno International House, along with several e-commerce and marketing companies. He currently manages his own business consulting firm, assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs with tools and empowerment to make their idea a reality, starting with digital marketing.

Mike also enjoys developing international friends from around the world. His family hosts international visitors, along with students experiencing American life.
Learn business-world English through the topics class of Entrepreneurship.


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