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With over forty years of experience, my passion for teaching languages is unwavering. This passion has recently been put to the test with the onslaught of COVID-19 — a challenge that I have accepted. 

Most societies' reactions to the pandemic have forced the closure of many educational facilities around the world, resulting in the displacement of students and faculty.  

Should education be placed on an indeterminate hold, thus placing its participants in a state of limbo?

The answer is a resounding ‘No’.

Enter Susan’s Language Emporium (SLE), a virtual educational institution that provides many of the physical characteristics that are associated with campus life (e.g., classrooms, study hall sessions in the library, speeches in the auditorium, etc.)  

All of these resources have been thoughtfully created with one goal in mind — to provide language learners a medium and a variety of  opportunities to practice and improve their proficiencies of the language(s) they have studied.

The Study Hall

The Auditorium

The Lounge

Virtual Departments

Attending university is an immersive experience that is comprised of more than simply attending classes. Meeting up with fellows at the local coffee shop, whispering in the library, and partaking in Q&A sessions after a lecture, are but a few of the activities that enrich the overall educational experience. 

Our virtual departments have been designed to offer our faculty, students, and visitors an opportunity to engage in a few of the many campus-life nuances. 

The Classroom

I have personally selected a handful of professors that have the skills and proven track records required to ensure that every student who attends an SLE course receives a top-notch education. With this having been asserted, SLE offers an array of courses that provide students with additional yet necessary education that will complement our primary language courses. 

The Study Hall

As the scene of late-night study sessions with fellows and classmates and one-on-one tutoring with educators, the traditional study hall often resides in either a library or dedicated room on campus. With a keen understanding of the value that this ‘space’ provides to students, SLE has created a virtual version that allows prospective occupiers to readily collaborate in real-time.  

The Auditorium

Most traditional universities offer an auditorium that serves as a mecca where students, faculty, and guests can gather and exchange ideas. This venue type typically features a stage upon which lectures are recited while an audience listens — and in some cases, interacts with the presenter(s). SLE’s virtual take on this classic forum utilizes videos and a Q&A thread.  

The Lounge

With a concerted effort to provide many of the nuances that can be experienced in a physical university, SLE offers a virtual ‘Lounge’ that is akin to a local coffee shop or favorite hangout where students and faculty can convene and practice the skills that they have learned in ‘The Classroom’. These meet-ups will be structured by a class’ professor who will provide a topic (e.g., politics, music, etc.) of which everyone will discuss.


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